About the App

In the time you’ve had your smartphone, you may have noticed a few things:

  • It does not place ICE contacts at the top of the Contact list, instead treating ICE contacts like any other contact.
  • Others that may need to access your phone in an emergency may not know how to view contacts, even if they are able to slide and unlock your phone.
  • A locked phone with a passcode does not allow users to access any information, even in case of an emergency.

This is where the Sherman Health ICE App comes in. Free to download, it easily stores emergency contacts in your phone so others can know who to call In Case of Emergency (ICE). It also gathers important health related information about the phone’s owner such as medical conditions, medications, and allergies.

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Here are a few reviews from our app users:

Very straightforward and needed app since I cannot use my wife’s cell number and list her as ICE because it will then always say ICE when she calls. This app does what it’s supposed to do, so it can be extremely valuable if I’m ever in an emergency.

Functions just as it’s meant to. You can add multiple contacts and there is a broad range of medications listed. All in all a great app.

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